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Ever wanted to know why a specific page isn't ranking the way you think it should be? Still guessing what a web page needs to outrank their competitors? Consider SEO Auditing your website.

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How We Win Keywords in Search

We evaluate pages ranking in search for specific keyword terms inside of specific niches. With over 200 on-page ranking factors, and an estimated 500 ranking signals in whole, you can't just "guess" your way to the top. It has to be done by proven testing, and granular calculation based on the specifics of the goal wanted. To optimize in search, you must have 4 things in place.

1. Spearman's Correlation Process

2. Strategy

3. Skill

4. Testing




SEO audits by Brandingfm - pre-artificial intelligence SAAS tools + over 30 years of combined SEO experience. 

BrandingFM's SEO audit service is exclusive: Most SEO audits are just automated. They are someone running your URL through a website crawler like Screaming Frog and they'll send you a report of what's wrong with your website. This is a great first process, but it doesn't get you anywhere in the SERPS if you're not shown what kind of changes to make on your website to win over your competitors. 

Your SEO audit is more than just a report, it's a real blueprint laid out with a realistic scope of work to get there.

SEO Audits - A BrandingFM Service
  • Competition Analysis
  • Contextual Analysis
  • Direct & Indirect Ranking Signals
  • Structural & Architecture
  • User Experience Metrics
  • Keyword Conclusive
  • Niche Environment Calculations
  • Quality Inspection
  • Trust Classifiers
  • TF-IDF Readings

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