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e take Facebook Advertising to a completely competitive level. It's very easy for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin ad campaign to be launched by boosting a post. But, researching a market, applying demographic data, A/B split testing the ads for performance, finding the wining ad, and then finally optimizing those ads so they are profitable is a different machine on it's own.

When you are discovering ad platforms, it's sometimes confusing to be selective as to where you are marketing, and what you are advertising. There is a difference between the two. 

If you are a small business owner and need some laser targeted traffic then hiring an ad agency is your best bet to get you what you want and when you want. 

WHY WOULD FACEBOOK BE SOMETHING I'D WANT TO CONSIDER FOR A LONG TERM ADVERTISING STRATEGY?Some of the great options we are able to provide in our Facebook Advertising services are research, customized targeting, and optimizing ad campaigns so they can be scale-able. 


There's no sense in launching any campaign unless you've done your research. Why throw hundreds or even thousands of budget out the window on your advertising when you don't have to? 

At BrandingFM, the first several days of your campaign is directly focused on researching your market. This includes, age, gender, likes, interactions, comments, groups they are actively involved in, where they live, how they shop, how they spend, what they plan on doing, where they plan on traveling, and the list goes on and on. 

If we don't do proper research for your campaign, we don't have the right to call ourselves a professionals. It's our job to make sure that every single penny of your ad budget be worth the spend. You want to make sure that when you ads go live, your CTR is giving you what it's worth. A 1% click through rate or higher is what we shoot for, and we can usually fine tune ads to be within the 2-5% and more rate which is very good.


When we are launching your ad, it's always a great idea for us to make sure we are using all of our resources that we can. Creating targeting and customized audiences is something we love doing. If you are in a real estate business and wanting to target home buyers, then we can do that. If those home buyers are a part of a unique group on Facebook then we can target those Facebook users with your ads. Better yet, we can do this and target them 3 times. If they visit your site, and bounce back to Facebook, then we can target that same person for you another time so that they can see your ad again. This only makes your ad budget that much more valuable. When you have an agency fine tuning, tweaking, and optimizing your ad performance, there's nothing better than knowing that every dollar of your budget is going to good use.


Once you have a wining ad you don't want to just stop there. You want to duplicate that ad and do split testing, demographic testing, 3 time targeting testing, side bar, mobile, desktop and news feed only testing. Most of the time, if you are running a ad inside of your Social Media platform, you wouldn't even think to optimize what you have that is already winning. But that's why promotional strategies need to be well planned for your success. 


Your ads will be created in house by our creative team. We research, create, publish, and deploy your ad right from our ad platform. These visual assets are created for you to bring you likes, shares, and direct to website traffic depending on the seasonal strategy, the type of market you are in, and your goals as a service or product.


The Ad Management and the Ad Billing are two completely separate entities. What this means for you is that you can feel safe by controlling your ad budget on a daily, weekly, or monthly level.  We simply manage, post, and optimize your campaigns on your behalf (you give us permission) and you control your payment and billing options directly with Facebook.


THE WINING GUARANTEE STRATEGY: *We recommend tracking several things before setting up your Facebook Advertising Campaign. The following is a list of suites that you should have installed onto your website before doing any type of advertising.

1. Google Analytics - for traffic/referral tracking so you know where your traffic is coming from.
2. CrazyEgg or ClickTale - for discovering what's happening when the traffic lands on your page.
3. Visual Website Optimzer or Optimizely - for split testing your landing pages.

*We can help you setup these tools at an additional charge or as a free consult while we are in the process of setting up your campaigns.