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Founder of BrandingFM, and Headflood Marketing - This guy was raised on the streets of Kona, a small village on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Josh learned how to build a business at a very young age. When he was 7, he ran his own flower lei business in downtown Kona and made a handsome 8 bucks per day.  He and his brother Hans were entrepreneurs in the early 80's. 

At the age of 17, Josh started a photography business with his friend Corey called Escape Photography. They would capture weddings, luau's, family portraits, and more. 

In 2004 he trained as a media manager for a National Best Selling Author & Business Coach. It was here where he launched his likes for digital marketing.

In 2007 he decided to go into business for himself again and started a Pool Route Company in Redding California. 2 years later his company Bethesda Pool Service was nominated The Best of Redding for Pool Service. Josh was pretty stoked but it was a temporary celebration. 

Although Joshua was working full time in the day to cover his pool route, at night he applied himself to learning the algorithms and patents of the Google Search Engine. He launched his SEO business Google Top Search (GTS Link Building) shortly after his website ranked on page one for nationwide, competitive keywords. This brand helped over 1,000 business owners with their online visibility between the years of 2007 and 20014.

Josh now commits most of this time into SEO coaching, strategy, and management. 

Today, he lives in Redding California with his wife Karen and his three children Elijah (16), Braham (9), and Abrielle (5).


MATT HINTZE - Internet Marketing, SEO, Tech, & Design

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Matt Hintze is in charge of back end technical support and operations. His experience in digital solutions and network administration are an invaluable asset to

Matt is seasoned in SEO strategy and technology advancements, marketing applications, hosting, ecommerce, web development, and SEO.

He and his wife Sarah live in Redding with their 3 children. Matt's personal site: UX Opt is his SEO service site, with focus in on-page SEO and website architecture.

Although he has knowledge and experience in every aspect of SEO and web design, his primary specialty is on-page SEO. His passions are for God, family, helping entrepreneurs succeed, movies, and limited government.


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Cherylyn Petersen is a certified holistic health coach, freelance writer, and content marketer. She has discovered her passion to write quality information that helps promote businesses and drive their search and social media visibility. Content strategy and Ad optimization have become her secret sauce to helping clients win online.

She lives in Northern California with her husband and three young children. When she isn’t coming up with high converting content, she is volunteering at PTA meetings, and teaching Sunday School at her local church.



Being creative is a natural expression for Jeribai. As a designer Jeribai brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project he works on. He started computer aided drawing at the age of 14 and by 17 was proficiently using a computer and software to produce professional commercial artwork. He began studying architecture in his first year of college, but left school to start a graphic and web design business. The design business slowly grew and in-between jobs Jeribai worked in other fields which have all contributed to his proficiencies and professionalism.

Through years of working in construction and personal training, Jeribai maintained design clients from around the nation. His talents were noticed by a boutique marketing firm and they hired him as their art director. After this he moved to a fantastic personal and business development company where he served as a creative director.

Jeribai’s passion for design, hunger to learn and strong work ethic has propelled him into an incredible design career. He has worked with an array of companies and individuals to bring creative ideas to life and then to market. Adding to the list of creative abilities is designing for interiors.

eribai invests in real estate and loves working on his properties to make the spaces special. His creative journey has come full circle and he is now back working in home design, creating beautiful spaces for people to experience.
Jeribai lives in northern California with his wife and their two vivacious little boys.