Research, Understand, and Know Your Market

WHAT IS YOUR NICHE?Before we go about structuring your website, it's important for us to know what kind of industry you're business is in, and what pocket of that industry.  Then, we can cater the development of your website towards the potential customers for your niche.  Knowing your specific industry is knowing who your customers are, and how to cater to their needs with your product, service, and information.  


What are the high traffic terms that people are typing into Google in relation to your niche? Keyword research helps you see where interest in your product lies, and how you can utilize that to add value to the content of your pages. 


ere are a couple of tools you can use to do keyword research:

Research Done Right

But, it's not that simple....
Some high traffic terms are not conversion friendly, but are only catering to users who want to find information.  These users are important for a number of SEO factors, but they don't translate into sales.

Example: Lets say that your selling organic coffee in Redding. 
The term: "coffee" has an extremely high percentage of traffic among internet users, but those users may not want to buy coffee, but research something about the topic of coffee.
The term "buy coffee" has less traffic, but it's obvious that the person who types that in has interest in buying coffee.

But, the term "buy organic coffee" has a lot lower traffic, but higher conversion rate.  You have to examine what the intention of the internet user is.

To sum up:

  • Coffee: High Traffic, low conversion
  • Buy Coffee: Moderate Traffic; Moderate conversion
  • Buy Organic Coffee: Low Traffic, High Conversion

This is not an exact science, and in some niches, the conversion will buy higher and lower, but this will give you a good grid for doing research.  The most effective thing you can do is have multiple long tail keywords that are conversion friendly; they end up adding up to the high traffic keywords--this is by far the best strategy we've seen.


What kind of people buy your product or service? Are they male, female, old, young, married, divorced?  It's amazing how all these factors can determine if someone will buy from you or not.  This information is highly useful in determining how you should write your content, target your social media campaigns, and rank your website for keywords.

Example: If you sell baby toys, and you find, through demographic research, that women in their thirties who live in Los Angeles buy a huge percentage of baby toys, then you will know where and whom your target customers are.