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As a business owner, there are fundamentals you'll want to have in place before expecting any kind of online success.

These core fundamentals, are your lifeblood to ranking on Google, or receiving any kind of brand recognition.

Think of your website as your office, except, this is your office in which the whole world can see and see it at anytime of the day. They can visit your website, look at your social media business page, and examine your business name's information like hours of operation, where you are located, when you opened up for business, and even how long you've been in business for. They can do all of this while you sleep. You don't have to have your lights on or your door unlocked because on the web, your business is always open.

The crazy thing is is that these online visitors can find you not just on your website, but on other popular places like Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and the list goes on by the hundreds. How do you think your business looks out there? Does it look like it can be trusted? Is your brand consistent? How about your address or your phone number? All of this MUST be consistent so that people can trust you.

Then there's Google, a search engine that crawls your website on a daily basis to make sure that your business is legitimate. It looks for things like domain identity, what your business is about, who you are, where your business is located, and what community your business is a part of. It also likes to look for things on your website that it wants to see. Like, if you are a legitimate business that Google can trust to put you on their first page, it expects your website, and the other websites on the worldwide web to have specific things in order. For example: Your address, your phone number, your business name and branding.

There's are also the OVERWHELMING technical list of things like: Schema, Sitemaps, Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird friendly optimization. proper website architecture, and more. In fact, there are over 200 factors that the Google bot scans for and checks to see if it can trust your website. The more you have checked off that list means the better standing you are with Google to trust your business.

Now, we'd normally not be concerned with how, or why a search engine bot values our website.

But the fact is is that Google is the most coveted traffic referrer to this day. Google actually gets 3.5 billion searches (yes, people typing in keyword queries) EVERY SINGLE DAY! Now that is a lot of people looking for something, looking for services, products, information. It's a lot of people that are potentially looking for your clients website! So of-course you want to look good for the people and Google because we know that it brings us sales!!! If we are on the top of the first page of Google when someone types and searches for a service we offer, chances are, they will click on our site. The more clicks, the more leads, the more leads, the more sales, the more sales, the more we can sleep at night knowing we are doing well.


The solution is simple: WHITE LABEL BUSINESS SEO.

These programs is perfect for local SEO, and is something every small business needs to have. 
Built by business owners, for business owners. Knowing the recipe, and blueprints to get the job done, and get it done well.

We welcome you to a fantastic service at an exceptional price

On Site Auditing & SEO

Your website needs to have a solid grade score with Google to rank well. Our team of U.S. SEO experts are going to doctor up your site to make sure it's ready for success. Here is a partial list of the on-page SEO that we work on to increase your quality and communication score with Google:

  • 5 pages of Technical Inspection, Auditing, and Re-publishing
  • On-page SEO auditing
  • Panda friendly auditing
  • Schema Optimization
  • Clean up errors and dead links
  • Internal linking Optimization
  • Prioritize Silo Navigation if needed
  • Load time Optimization
  • Images optimization
  • Title's Optimization
  • Site Description Optimization
  • Page's Description Optimization
  • H1 - H6's Optimized

Business Citation Submissions

Showing up online takes accuracy, consistency, and exact name address and phone number published assets. Our team will do the heavy lifting for you, and make sure that all of your most important business citations are 100% up to par with your current information, branding, and more.

  • A.P.I. Syndication - Acxiom
  • Scan for Existing Listings
  • Exact Name Address & Phone Number Matching

Local Business Page Publishing and/or Optimization

One of the goals as a business owner is that you represent yourself with a streamlined brand name. We build and/or optimize your Google and Foursquare pages so that other markets are finding you. This also builds influence and trust in your community and niche.

  • Google+ Local Business Page Setup and/or optimization
  • Facebook Local business page setup and/or optimization
  • Bing Business Listing Setup and/or optimization
  • 100% Optimized Listing + Photos
  • Duplicate Listing Removal

Smart Technology Reporting

Don't you love what's going on with your online success? You now have some of the worlds greatest technology at your fingertips. We provide a beautiful dashboard for seeing everything that is important to your campaign.

  • Online Dashboard Access (multiple domain management available) GEO-location Keyword Tracking.
  • Full Google Analytics Tracking & Monitoring
  • Traffic, Geo-Location, & Referral Tracking
  • Export to PDF or CSV
  • Competitive Analysis


What would it cost me per month for one city?

Please see our SEO reseller pricing plans here.

How about for two cities?

Discounted rates are available for multiple cities in volume. Please contact us for more details.

Would I need to continue blogging and keeping up with social media aside from what you guys would be doing?

Yes, content publishing and social media are very important and will make your SEO program stronger. They all compliment each other very very well. They are each like a leg to the online venture, if you don't have one leg, then the other have to work harder to make things work and run well.

Is it going to rank me high in Google searches?

We guarantee first page rankings, we also guarantee search traffic increase. This program helps the Google bot love your website and what it sees about your website on the web. You can frame your pitch/sale to your client that we will definitely win a lot of rankings in organic search, grow their brand awareness, and increase their search traffic. 

What kind of traffic increase could I expect?

This depends on your rank in Google, and the amount of traffic that your niche and it's relevant keywords we are targeting gets. The average traffic increase is at least 200% with our clients, but this is not relevant to how many clicks you will receive. The amount of clicks or increased visitors to your site directly correlates with the amount of traffic the keyword queries receive in Google.

Can my site be penalized?

No! Please contact our support team if you are concerned or have any questions about our ethics and SEO strategies. There are a lot of high risk, heavy promised programs out there that damage and poison your website's trust with Google, we are not one of them!

Important notes:

We charge by the month, and there no contracts so your campaign is 100% performance based.