It's critical that we understand your U.S.P. before we engage on a marketing plan. This helps every dollar of your budget go towards attracting the right market. Every single week that we publish online assets on your behalf, we want to make sure that we represent your company consistently and attract the right leads for your business.


The only way to start a marketing campaign is to know who your target market is. We get into the trenches of your business model and do very extensive demographic and geographic research. This allows the momentum of your campaign to gain traction in the right areas.


If you have no strategy, you have no way of adapting to technology and competition. Strategy is a way to uncovering the key challenges in your business, and devising a way to overcome them for a desired outcome. We consider strategy a big part of our operations for your Beautiful Marketing Project.


With so many overwhelming things to do as a business owner, who has time to log in and check statistics and numbers? That's why we set you up with our a very streamlined dashboard that shows you Google anaylitics, rankings, and social media analytics. Everything you need for tracking your traffic, and where it's coming from, is under one roof.  It's a beautiful way to save time! This is a great way to know that your campaign is constantly moving forward.



We hand select, and acquire high quality domains that are have all the nuts and bolts for helping you rank in the search engines. These domains will link to your website and share a common entity of content. This is a secret sauce for SEO companies because of the value and impact they have on search engine results.

Every single element of these endorsements must be done with high technical precision. With the Beautiful Marketing Project, you'll receive a total of 7 permanent endorsements. 


Our writers are world class, and so you can expect high quality! Everyone deserves to have great content written on behalf of their company. Your designated writers study your market with our research team during the Setup Process of your campaign. That way, your writer has a clear understanding of what's informative, and what's authoritative about your niche. 

You'l get a minimum of 500 words every single week written and published on your behalf. The greatest thing about this is you'll own all of the content once it's published.


If you plan on ranking in Google, you need to have some type of active chatter going on. So, your writer will also act on your behalf (Persona) and publish snippets and images (relevant and trending) into your social media channels. Your writer will engage the community with these content and image assets via your Facebook Fan Page. We can also post your weekly assets to Twitter free of charge if you'd like.


If you have fresh content published on your website every week, it's a great way of telling the world that you are in business. Your content writer will publish the 500 words of quality content with a unique image to your blog page on your website.

The content writer will also apply SEO, Trusted Citations, and RSS for you. This is a great, long term content publishing strategy to help your SEO, Social Media, and natural inbound marketing influence.


We wanted to make sure we had everything covered for you in this Project. Ever heard of local citations, and N.A.P. consistency? Probably not, but just know that if you want to rank in Google maps locally, you'll need everything we are covering above + local citation and N.A.P. (Names Address Phone) support. 

One of the best tools out there for doing this is Yext. While we don't cover your Yext yearly payment (see this link here for their prices) we do include setup, management, and updates for you. This is truly an incredible add on service in the Beautiful Marketing Project.



If you have a business that has great content published once in awhile that's okay. But to have it published on a weekly basis is quite awesome. Without consistency, you have no real momentum. With just one long tailed keyword, you could pick up a lifetime client. Publishing content is one of the best ways to attract leads that you could have never found otherwise.


If you are offering a service on legal advise, your published content obviously needs to provide valuable and credible expertise on that topic. Users expect relevancy while visiting your website and peeking at your social media posts. With your persona working for you every single week, you can be sure that your published assets are attracting new leads for your service.


Your social media posts, and website blog posts should all be prominent to your area and targeted market (keywords). This gives you a better signal to Google to have higher rankings and also gives your content better edge rank in social media to attract the right prospects.


All of the content and images published on your behalf are high quality. There are no low pixelated images representing your business. When people think of you, they think quality, consistency, and authority.


As Google is the most coveted traffic online today, the entire map of this Beautiful Marketing Project is going to spearhead your rankings in the Google search. In CPC campaigns, some keywords range all the way up to $170 per click, but with organic listings, your clicks will be free. You should also expect traffic to come from other online social media channels as well. 
The Beautiful Marketing Program is the most well rounded and versatile SEO Content Marketing & Social Media Campaign we've ever launched at this price; $499 p/month with minimum 6 month agreement with optional 'double up on everything' upgrade for $989 p/month.

“Because Nothing Good Is Conquered Without The Help of Good People”
— Joshua Cabe Johnson