SEO Solutions For your Clients

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Have you designed a site that is nowhere to be found on the major search engines?

Can't find a solution for the clients who want SEO services? Have you considered private label SEO?

With our on-page SEO services, we will optimize your client's sites, but let you get the credit. Here some of the benefits:

  • Online Traffic: Your clients will increase online visibility through organic traffic within a search engine.
  • Client's Perceived value: Your company will appear bigger and more legitimate with an SEO department.
  • Deliverable's: We log and give access you access to all the work that we do.
  • Reporting: You and your client will be able to see keyword rankings, analytics, and more under one dashboard.

List of Tasks We Implement


  • Google My Business - top-level permissions.

    • Update information as needed

    • Create as needed

    • Match NAP information

  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console integrated into website

    • Both are created (if necessary)

    • Code is added to header

  • Google Analytics added to reporting

  • Google Search console added to reporting

  • Facebook Business Page - need editor-level permissions.

  • Website Logins - admin access.

  • Research, Email History, noted in SEO Work Doc

  • Client Root Folder Created

  • Client Work Doc Created

  • Log work onto doc

  • Client Dashboard Setup.

  • Site Scan - run audit, export PDF, upload to client root folder

  • SSL Activated (fix CSS/HTML issues that may cause a break)

  • Technical SEO launched.

  • PDF, Dashboard, & Google Drive Reporting

  • NAP's (Name, Address, Phone # business listings created)

    • Match NAP on Footer

    • Match NAP on Contact Page (create location page if multiple locations)

  • XML Sitemap submitted to GSC

  • HTML Sitemap built

    • Includes links to all relevant pages

    • URL is added to footer

    • Title/description added

    • Headers added

  • Check For Organizational Schema on Site; add, if necessary.

  • Add link & rel "publisher" code.

  • Check Mobile Friendliness and fix any problems.

  • Enable and test AMP

  • Enable EXIF Data

  • Content Audits:

    • Fix grammar errors

    • Fix broken images

    • Fix header hierarchy issues

    • Test content length

  • Internal linking

    • SILO pages

    • Anchor text variation

  • Research & Discovery Initiated.  This includes:

    • Company research from the website and client.

    • External research from search engines, based on organic traffic opportunities.

    • Establishing main keywords.

    • Establishing long tail keywords.

    • Adding keywords to dashboard.

    • Trends

  • Google Drive & Permissions Setup

  • PDF Sharing

  • Dashboard sharing

  • Google Drive sharing

  • Google Analytics - admin level

  • Google Search Console - admin level access to Google analytics

    • Check for any manual actions in GSC

    • Select 'Preferred Domain' in GSC

  • Client Setup in Dashboard (specific access)

  • Client Welcome Email Sent Out

  • Automated PDF Report Setup For Client

  • Facebook page built and/or requested for editor

  • Facebook metrics added to reporting

  • Website publish date

  • Create Schema code added to <head> that is specific to the businesses industry:

    • Business name

    • Hours of operation

    • Business location

    • Address (match root NAP)

    • Phone number

    • Longitude/latitude of business

    • Business Description

    • Business type

  • Fix site errors. Examples: 500, 404, etc.

    • Create 301 redirects.

    • Fix links that are broken externally or internally

    • Hreflang issues and usage

  • Test Site Speed and optimize accordingly:

    • Reduce images

    • Fix broken code

    • Configure Cache Plugins

  • Test Usability/Navigation

    • Variation of anchor text

    • Ensure link structure

  • Optimize external and internal links with nofollow code

  • Multiple browser testing


Ongoing SEO


After we build the foundation for your site, we need to both increase new rankings and maintain the rankings you already have.  SEO is very difficult, because the competition is heavy and the algorithms change frequently. There’s no set-and-forget with ranking your site.

Here’s what we apply:


  • Technical SEO Application

    • Addition of online promotion or website optimization based on updated search engine algorithms.

    • Continuance of the addition of common elements that rank your website based on common knowledge of algorithms.

    • Website issues fixed.  If there are changes made to the site (new content added), there’s a possibility of errors; we fix them.

  • Site audits

If You Have An Edge With SEO... You Will Do Well!

Why On-Page SEO Matters!

Technical SEO, also known as on-page SEO is done by the ultimate nerds of the web space!

You should only trust your website to experienced and skilled SEO's that are up to date with the most recent quality algorithm guidelines.




Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, & RainkBrain Checkpoints

Not just audits, but a clear, step by step and hands-on-scientific approach is what makes a good SEO'd website.

Some of the on-site auditing SEO processes that we implement monthly:


  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title Tags
  • Schema Optimization & Integration
  • Silo structuring
  • Internal linking
  • Site Performance
  • Technical SEO
  • Panda Algorithm Protection
  • Dead link clean ups
  • Google Maps integration
  • Outbound linking
  • Speed
  • Spam protection
  • Database backup protection
  • Mobile
  • Pagination
  • h1, h2, h3, h4's, title's, etc...)
  • Image geo-tagging
  • Image optimization
  • Site security checks
  • Updates on CMS and Plugins


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