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The single biggest problem with hiring a white label SEO company to run and manage your search engine optimization department is communication! Agencies usually don't have the knowledge or skill required to answer specifics in SEO strategy. These agencies are oftentimes very sales savvy, but have no idea (technically or strategically) what they are really selling.

Agencies have a hard time understanding what deliverable's will look like to their client on day 30, 90, and so on... The reason we've published this content on this resource page is to help agency owners understand the importance of framing their client's SEO projects appropriately.

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Josh Johnson - SEO Coach, BrandingFM owner.

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Onboarding Tutorials

Your  Client's SEO Campaign

Learn what to expect, goals for your campaign, and the technical work that we do on and off your website.

SEO Goals & What To Expect

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Website Content We Optimize

The Technical Work We Do

Dashboard Training

Your dashboard is the all-in-one platform where you can monitor and report Google and Bing organic rankings, view Google Analytics & Search Console, social media analytics, and more.

Welcome to your Dashboard

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View by Time Frame

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Facebook Metrics

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How To Use The Fly Out Menu

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Google Search Console Metrics

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How Reporting Works

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Isolating Channels in Google Analytics

View Your Rankings

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View Google Analytics

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Social Media Integration

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Isolating Facebook Engagement

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Google My Business Metrics

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